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Skin Surgery at mySkin Clinic: Precision Meets Aesthetics for Your Skin Health

At mySkin Clinic, we prioritize your skin health. Our focus is on advanced treatments for skin cancer, where precision and aesthetics take center stage. Our experienced dermatologic surgeons employ cutting-edge techniques, including histologically margin-controlled skin surgery, to treat skin cancer safely and aesthetically.

Additionally, we remove benign skin growths such as moles and freckles with a tendency for degeneration, cysts, lipomas, and abscesses under local anesthesia. Thanks to our meticulous suturing techniques, we are also the right choice for treating lacerations.

Histologically Margin-Controlled Skin Surgery: Precise and Safe

Our dermatologic surgeons perform procedures with the utmost precision. Histologically margin-controlled skin surgery allows the safe removal of skin cancer tissue. The excised area is microscopically examined by specialized dermatopathologists for tumor-free status, minimizing the risk of recurrence and ensuring a successful treatment.

Aesthetic Focus: Minimal Scars in Natural Lines

We understand the importance of aesthetic results to you. Our experts strive to leave minimal visible scars that seamlessly blend into the natural lines of your body. We select the best techniques and positions to achieve aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

Laser Scar Treatment: Early Measures for Optimal Results

In addition to specialized surgical techniques, mySkin Clinic places emphasis on postoperative scar treatment with lasers. Scar treatment yields excellent results and is tailored to the type of scar. Studies show that the laser process is most effective when performed as early as possible after suture removal. At mySkin Clinic, we utilize state-of-the-art laser technologies (including PicoWay® Resolve 1064nm, Frax Pro® 1550, and Vbeam Perfecta®) to minimize scars and aesthetically enhance your skin.

FAQs on Skin Surgery at mySkin Mallorca

How does the skin cancer operation proceed?
The suspicious skin lesion is locally anesthetized to avoid pain. During the procedure, our dermatologist removes the affected tissue with a safety margin to ensure the removal of all cancer cells. This is sent for examination by dermatohistopathologists to establish the definitive diagnosis.
Yes, a skin cancer operation can leave scars, but our goal is to make them as discreet as possible. Additionally, we work immediately after the procedure with specialized lasers to not only improve the scar but also optimize its aesthetic appearance.
You should begin scar treatment with special scar gels as soon as possible following the recommendations of our dermatologists. Additionally, you can start laser treatment to enhance scar tissue directly after suture removal.