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Tattoo Removal at mySkin with Pico Laser

Not only times change, but also personal taste with regard to one’s own tattoos. What was considered beautiful or an expression of personal attitude a few years ago is now just an annoying blemish. Stitched memories of your ex-partner, unsightly youthful sins or simply tattoos that have now gone out of fashion. All these and many other tattoos can be permanently removed with the Pico Laser and, above all, free of scars.

With the help of the Picoway® laser, we can simply erase your unloved tattoos. This is because laser treatment has been considered a proven method for removing tattoos for many years – without damaging the skin.

Are you interested in tattoo removal at mySkin with the Pico Laser? Then you should make an appointment with our laser experts today.

With the Pico Laser we can:

1. remove tattoos
2. prepare cover-ups
3. remove permanent make-up and microblading

Elephant tattoo before treatment
Elephant tattoo after first treatment
Elephant tattoo after second treatment

Shade removal in just two sessions with the Picoway laser.

FAQs about tattoo removal at mySkin with the Pico Laser

The Picoway® laser that we use at mySkin belongs to the latest generation of lasers. Through a unique technology, the colour pigments of the tattoos are shattered in a painless and lasting way. By using a local anaesthetic cream, the laser treatment can be made even more painless. In addition, a special cooling system is used during the treatment with the Pico Laser, so that the removal of the tattoos is even more pleasant.


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Basically, the prices of tattoo removal depend on the size of the tattoo. This in turn is calculated on the basis of the size of a business card. Accordingly, you should calculate the following costs for tattoo removal with the Pico Laser:

Tattoo Removal with Picoway® Laser
Tattoo, size of one business card (< 46 cm2)p.s.150,-
Tattoo, size of two business (47 to 92 cm2)p.s.300,-
Tattoo, size of three business cards (93 to 138 cm2)p.s.450,-
Tattoo, size of four business cards (139 to 184 cm2)p.s.600,-
Permanent Make up/ Microblading Removalp.s.min 150,-

The Picoway® Laser is also one of the best methods currently available on the market in terms of possible scarring. During the treatment, the laser penetrates the top layer of skin and shatters the colour pigments. However, depending on the tattoo colour and colour particle composition, blisters may form. To prevent scars from forming from these in the later healing process, individual aftercare is necessary. Due to its unique technology, the Picoway® Laser Resolve is also used for the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles, among other things.

The number of sessions depends on various factors. Often the tattoo colours have been pricked into the deeper layers of the skin, so that several sessions are necessary to achieve a satisfactory result. Based on our experience with the Picoway® Laser, most clients require 8 to 12 sessions to remove the unloved tattoo.

You should also always bear in mind that even the type of tattoo has an influence on the number of treatments. Colourful or even very densely stung tattoos are often more difficult to remove than simple black tattoos. And of course, the age of the body art should not be forgotten. New or younger tattoos can be removed more quickly and, above all, more easily with the Pico Laser.

But also factors like localisation of the tattoos and the own metabolism can influence the treatments and in this way contribute to the fact that more or less sessions are needed. In conclusion, however, it can be said that the vast majority of our clients need fewer treatments to remove tattoos with the Picoway® Laser.

small tattoo before treatment small tattoo after treatment

Before the treatment and immediately after the treatment: The laser has a specific effect and leaves the skin intact.

If the long-awaited tattoo does not correspond to your wishes and ideas, the Pico laser can also help in this case. Of course, fresh tattoos can also be removed by laser treatment. The big advantage: the treatment is faster and often easier than with older tattoos. However, in order to avoid additional stress on the skin after the tattoo, we recommend a waiting period of 8 to 12 weeks. After that, we can start directly with the laser treatment to remove the tattoo.

Due to a new technology with which our Picoway® laser is equipped, all tattoo colours can be treated with the laser. Even tattoos that have already been unsuccessfully treated with other lasers can be satisfactorily removed with our laser treatment. The reason for this is the three wave paths with which our laser tattoo removal is carried out.

Furthermore, we also use special handpieces for tattoo removal - for example 730 nm, with which especially light blue and light green tattoos can be removed very well. Despite these numerous advantages of the Picoway® laser, not all tattoos can always be completely removed. Various factors are often unclear, so that we cannot influence them. For example, whether and which colour mixtures were added to the tattoo colour or which needle size was used for tattooing or how deeply the skin was pricked.

Furthermore, it is unfortunately not uncommon to find a high iron content in the colour pigments of tattoo colours. If this is the case, the laser treatment can darken the tattoo or cause colour changes. Accordingly, it is not always possible to remove a tattoo completely.


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Experience has shown that a treatment interval of 6 to 8 weeks has proven successful. This period of time is needed by the organism to break down all particles of the tattoo colours. Accordingly, we do not recommend weekly treatments in our laser clinic. This would not accelerate the process, but rather harm your skin. After all, our skin always needs a certain amount of time to recover after a laser treatment.

Above all, it is important that you protect the areas that have been treated with the Picoway® Laser from the sun. Always apply sunscreen (SPF 50) and cover the treated area in case of strong UV radiation.

Immediately after treatment, you should cool the areas and apply a spray containing panthenol to the treated area for 7 to 10 days. If you notice blisters forming after the laser treatment, do not scratch or otherwise remove them. You should also avoid rubbing the lasered area. Follow our recommendations for aftercare.

As usual, you can shower after the treatment with the Pico Laser. We also recommend that you drink enough to support the removal of the colour pigments from your body.



Before the treatment and immediately after the treatment: The laser has a specific effect and leaves the skin intact

Of course you can also have your tattoos removed with the Pico Laser in summer. However, your skin should not be too tanned for the treatment. Even before the laser treatment, make sure to continuously cover the area with sunscreen (SPF50). A tattoo removal treatment that has already begun should not be interrupted in the summer so as not to prolong the treatment itself.

Do you have further questions about the Pico laser or tattoo removal? Or maybe you would like to know what other services we offer in our laser clinic? You can contact us at any time by e-mail or WhatsApp. Of course, you also have the option of making a free consultation appointment. During this appointment we can discuss your concerns without any obligation. We look forward to hearing from you!