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Thread Veins: Causes and Treatment at mySkin Mallorca

Thread veins are visible, enlarged veins in the upper skin layer, predominantly occurring on the legs and representing a subtype of varicose veins. Unlike varicose veins, they are harmless and solely pose an aesthetic concern. They are often genetically predisposed and can be influenced by hormonal changes, aging, pregnancy, as well as professions that involve prolonged standing or sitting.

Common Causes For Thread Veins:


Thread veins may be attributed to genetic predisposition.

Hormonal Changes

Pregnancy, puberty, and hormone supplements can contribute to their development.


With age, the connective tissue loses elasticity, which can favor the appearance of thread veins.

Treatment at mySkin Mallorca:

We offer two effective and scar-free methods for thread vein removal:


  • Injection of a medication into the affected veins.
  • The medication causes the vein to stick together.
  • The body absorbs the vein, causing it to disappear.

Laser Therapy with NdYAG Laser

  • Targeted application of the NdYAG laser on the thread veins.
  • The laser beam heats the vein, leading to its closure.
  • The body breaks down the vein, causing the thread veins to disappear.


Benefits of the Treatment:

Immediately social

Laser treatment without downtime, performed on an outpatient basis.

Painless & gentle treatment

Laser therapy is gentle and can be supported with local anesthesia if needed.

FAQs on Thread Veins

Can thread veins be removed without residue?
Thread veins can be removed without residue or scarring through laser or sclerotherapy.
The frequency of treatments varies individually. Some patients may require regular sessions, around 4-6 treatments per year, to ensure long-term results. Your specialist at mySkin Mallorca will work with you to create a customized treatment plan to achieve the best results and address your specific needs.

The duration depends on the size and number of thread veins. Typically, a session lasts about 30 minutes.

Our team at mySkin Mallorca is available to assist you in finding the best solutions for your needs.

Note: These answers provide general information and do not replace individual consultation with our professionals. For specific questions about your case, we recommend a personal consultation at our mySkin Mallorca clinic.