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Warts and Skin Growths: Expert Diagnosis and Modern Treatment at mySkin Mallorca

Warts, though highly infectious and often considered aesthetically undesirable, are generally harmless and typically do not require treatment. They can take various forms and are commonly caused by viruses (HPV). While warts often heal on their own, this natural process can take weeks, months, or even years, during which there is a risk of further spread or transmission to others.

At mySkin Mallorca, we offer advanced laser treatment (Nd YAG7 Nordlys) to quickly and painlessly remove warts. In most cases, only one treatment is required, with the option for additional sessions if needed.

Most Common Causes of Warts:


Viral infections, especially in moist environments like saunas or swimming pools, can lead to the development of warts.


Warts can also appear with age, independent of viral factors.

Advantages of Laser Treatment:

Gentle Method

Compared to freezing, laser treatment is typically faster, spares surrounding tissue, and allows for a quicker recovery.

No Downtime

The targeted laser treatment does not impact surrounding skin and usually leaves no residue such as bruises or scars.

FAQs on warts

Can warts be completely removed without residue?
Yes, using the laser method allows for the complete and scar-free removal of warts.
The frequency of treatments varies individually. Some patients may require regular sessions, approximately 4-6 treatments per year, for long-term results.

The duration depends on the size and number of warts.

Dealing with Skin Growths: Expert Diagnosis and Effective Treatment

It is advisable to have skin growths professionally examined and diagnosed by a dermatologist. A skin check enables the doctor to identify suspicious skin changes. In case of anomalies, a fine-tissue examination is conducted to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Benign skin changes can originate from various skin and subcutaneous structures, including blood vessels, pigment cells, sebaceous and sweat glands, as well as fat and connective tissue. If these changes cause discomfort for aesthetic or functional reasons, they can be removed through surgical procedures or laser surgery.

Benign skin changes that can be treated with a laser include:

Viral warts:

  • Flat warts
  • Genital warts
  • Plantar warts

Non-infectious warts:

  • Fibromas (skin tags)
  • Age spots

Other benign formations, such as soft moles (dermal nevi), can also be treated with a laser.

Note: Cysts and lipomas are usually treated with surgical procedures to ensure effective removal. The choice of the optimal treatment option depends on the type of skin growth and its individual characteristics.